Dark Psychology Secrets 2021 BY Moneta Raye



Growing up, it is inevitable to fall a victim of manipulation and mind control.
Manipulation is an effective way of ensuring the victim does what the practitioner wants them to do, and in most cases, only the practitioner tends to gain the outcome of the process..
The practitioner tends to lure you into doing something with the intention of gaining while making it difficult for you to resist.
Now that you know what manipulation is, I am certain you have started questioning whether someone else, maybe your partner, a friend or your parents are manipulating you to do something for them but you cannot tell how they are doing it.
The major questions you are probably asking yourself right now ★ Is my partner manipulating me? ★ Are my family members manipulative? ★Which manipulative techniques have they applied to me successfully? ★ Have they emotionally manipulated me? ★Are my co-workers manipulative? ★ Is my boss a mind controller? ★What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy? ★ How will I recognize cases of manipulation? ★And, how do I defend myself from being brainwashed?
In case these questions are running through your head, you do not need to panic because this book, Dark Psychology Secrets 2021 has got you covered.
This book delves into the deep state of dark psychology, revealing the unknown and making the most hidden secrets about manipulation and mind control as available to the reader as possible to avoid falling victims of the manipulators.
The goal of this book is quite Inform the reader about every aspect of dark psychology, right from the techniques used by the manipulators, to the manipulative partners, to how one identifies these manipulators and how to protect oneself from manipulation by manipulating them as well.
You will ★The art of manipulation. ★ The manipulation techniques. ★Emotional manipulation. ★ The importance of self-esteem. ★Workplace manipulation. ★ Manipulative partners. ★Manipulative family members. ★ Defense against brainwashing. ★What is NLP? ★ Covert mind control. ★Recognizing manipulators. ★ Manipulating manipulators. From the list of topics that you will learn by reading this book, it is evident that comprehensive research has been done on all the topics only to avail to you the most relevant information you intend to consume. The book does not rely on provision of mere definition of problems but has availed the reader with science-based facts which have been tested and proven to be reliable. Further, there is a list of case studies to back up our claims.
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