Haalim Part 2 By Nimra Ahmed



Haalim Part 2 by Nimra Ahmed this novel contains an interesting social romantic and fictional adventure story in Urdu. Haalim by Nimra is a great combination of excitement, humor, and a lot of time travel, making it an incredible adventure. Fantastic, fiction, suspense, adventure, time travel, flashbacks, the suspense of all the elements of this novel’s excellent fantasy novel. In essence, it’s a mystery that affects all other factors.

The novel contains traces of a second marriage and a useless divorce from a home destroyer. The genre of this novel is a political thriller and supernatural fantasy, but the theme is about a sacred love story between an already married man and an unmarried girl and the separation of this man and his first wife.

The author discussed many realities of his life in this novel. She criticized the evils of society and proposed various reforms. She mentioned the beauty of relationships that bring true happiness to her life. The letter also explained the political environment and the need to change it.

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