His Pretty Little Queen by Nicci Harris



Months ago, I was homeless and broken, and in search of a dangerous man.

I found the Devil’s prototype in a flawless navy suit.
Clay Butcher.

A man twice my age, who kills brutally, takes territorially, and hides his emotions deep within layers of smooth control.
He is my father’s enemy and the Don of the Cosa Nostra. Evil. Beautiful. Ruthless.
But he’s not the villain of my story.

He spoils me, punishes me, and holds me accountable. So, when the time comes for Clay Butcher to weed out betrayals and take revenge on those who have hurt his family, I will choose him.
I will always choose him.

His Pretty Little Queen needs to be read after His Pretty Little Burden and is part of The Kids of The District series. It has a happily ever after. It features a powerful Mafia Don, and his endearing tortured little heroine. His Pretty Little Queen has an age-gap dynamic that some people may find uncomfortable. It is an epic love story with word steam, violence, gore, and drama. Enjoy.

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