Reverse Psychology: The Dirty little secrets that you wish you knew by Katherine Shepard



“Reverse The Dirty little secrets you wish you knew”is a book that describes the technique involving the advocacy and means through which people tend to express their ideas and beliefs.
This book Reverse psychology describes the behavioral characteristics that we as human beings possess and we use them to our advantage in either communication, manipulation and persuasion so that people do that which we want them to or even in our daily signals that might be secretive to a group of people.
Reverse psychology is something we use often. This book describes the method in which we can employ such techniques in the right manner, the right location and to the right people and be able to pass the desired message without it being misinterpreted.
This book also talks about the different kinds of personality and how to appreciate people with their unique differences and likes because it is part of what we have to live with it in our daily lives. One fact is that we will always meet people. We have to accept each other the way we are with our different likes, responsibilities and challenges.
Take time and read this book. It will give you and insight on the importance in psychology.

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