Joey by Sadie Kincaid



Notorious Mafia enforcer and right hand of the Cosa Nostra, Maximo DiMarco has always looked out for me. He’s my protector. My brothers’ best friend. My crush—with the body of a god and the mind of a devil.

And I am just a spoiled Mafia princess. At least that’s who most people think I am. They don’t look at me long enough to see the real me. But he sees…

He is dark and dangerous and lethal, but he’s the only man who makes me feel like I’m alive. It’s a pity he’s too loyal to my brothers to ever act on the sparks that constantly fly between us…

Or is he…?

Because when he finally loses control, it’s even more than I ever dreamed it could be. And even though he tells me that the two of us aren’t an option, I see the look in his eyes every time we’re together. He’s only ever a breath away from losing that control again.

But Max is a man with a dark past and secrets that he can’t escape. When that past catches up with us, it threatens what might be our only shot at happiness. Because I would give up everything I’ve ever known for a life with him. And when my brothers find out about us, I just might have to.

This book is a standalone, brother’s best friend romance. It features
*A jealous, possessive MC
*Age gap
*Praise/ punishment
*Pierced MC
*Inexperienced FMC
*Touch her and die vibes
*No cheating

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