No Idea What I’m Doing But F*ck It by Ron Lim



In this book, Ron goes through the process of his journey – from realising that he did not want the same path as everyone else, the time he spent having internal debates and convincing himself to leave, to eventually leaving and seeking his own path by buying a one-way plane ticket. Throughout the process, he writes about the obstacles he had to deal with along the way in having to figure out all the answers alone, seeing how long we take to do the things we wanted all along, and realising that many things in life are actually straightforward, but yet we make it unnecessarily complicated for ourselves.

This book is a compilation of thoughts and lessons learned throughout the journey of “wanting more in life” – expressed in the form of modern poetry and short quotes. Each chapter is categorised into a “phase” in life, and together, the whole book further emphasises the life motto, “no idea what I’m doing but f*ck it”.

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