The Counterfeit Lover by Veronica Lancet



Secrets, lies & double lives.

When Noelle recovers her memories, she’s faced with a past she wants to remain buried.
Everyone thinks she was a victim, but what if that wasn’t the case?
What if the things she’s done to survive are far worse than anyone can ever imagine?
One thing is for sure—Rafaelo can never find out what she did.
As Noelle and Raf tiptoe around each other and their past connection, they have to wonder whether their relationship is truly fated, or…ill-fated.

Michele continues to scheme in the shadows.
But he is also faced with a conundrum—his pet.
His delusions know no limit, and he needs her adoration back.
It doesn’t matter that she now hates him, he will have her—dead or alive.
But what will happen when he pushes her too far?

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